We are temporarily using this web address to post PDF versions of articles from ER (Enclave Review). In line with our policy to maintain ER as a specifically printed publication articles will not be uploaded until the print version has been in circulation for at least a month.

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A Contemporary Arts Reviews Sheet Based in Cork


Enclave Review (ER) is a review sheet focusing on the visual arts but with additional texts relating to the greater sphere of contemporary art and thought. ER gives critical coverage of the artistic life of Cork, and situates these developments within both national and international contexts. It is printed quarterly, it does not contain any commercial advertising, and it is available free of charge. The first issue of ER was launched in July 2010.


Fergal Gaynor and Ed Krčma

Ireland currently lacks substantial, critically ambitious publications devoted to contemporary art. Enclave Review proposes to fill that gap, focusing upon the visual arts but extending to debates concerning poetry, cinema, philosophy and the performing arts. It will be published quarterly and will provide a critical platform to connect art produced and shown in Ireland (and especially Cork) with both the broader legacies of 20th century practice and with the most compelling international contemporary cultural developments.

ER attempts to demonstrate the potential of a small but energetic city such as Cork for innovative and radical cultural practice. The editorial team maintain strong connections with the artistic community in the city whilst also being able to enlist the support of colleagues overseas. ER showcases exhibitions in the Cork area, but situates them alongside national and international exhibitions (the first two issues have included reviews from Sao Paulo, New York, Berlin and London).  The review hopes to constitute a space, fashioned by the particular intellectual community of Cork, where cultural practices of international ambition and import can be given public voice and made available to a broad audience free of charge.

Although requiring regular private and institutional funding, the editors are keen to maintain the autonomy of the project, enabling the journal to function as a site of possibility – an enclave – for alternative modes of thought to take shape. Fredric Jameson has recently described the concept of ‘enclave thinking’ in this way: ‘Such enclaves are something like a foreign body within the social… they offer a space in which new wish images of the social can be elaborated and experimented on’ (Archaeologies of the Future). This formulation seems to us a useful way to think about the potential of a publication such as this.




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